Why is my tag write failing?

There could be multiple reasons why your tag write fails. Here are the things you could try to resolve the problem.

  1. Check if you device is compatible. See the first FAQ question for details, especially if you are on a iPhone 7 or 7+.

  2. Restart your device. It may help.

  3. Remove your phone case, if any. It may help.

  4. Keep your tag as close to the phone as possible, near the top or in the back.

  5. Move the tag around on the back of the phone. Try different spots and you may find a sweet spot that works.

  6. A tag is locked once it written to. You won't able to rewrite a tag. Try a different tag the app tells you the tag is locked.

  7. Please contact our customer support if you are still running into issues.

What devices are supported?

The absolute minimum requirement is iPhone 7 or newer is supported. No iPads are supported.

There are some know issues with iPhone 7 / 7+, so we strongly recommend iPhone 8 or newer. If you run into issues with iPhone 7 / 7+, please try removing the iPhone case and moving the tag around on the back of the phone. You maybe able to find a sweet spot that works that way.

What tags are support?

Only NFC 215 tags are supported. NFC 214 or 216 will not work. N2 Elite tags and PowerTags are not supported either.

Where can I find the encryption key and the bin files?

We are not able to provide information on the encryption key or amiibo bin files. You will need to rely on search engines and communities. We strongly recommend only using bin files you own or scan an existing amiibo you own.

Where can I download the app?

The iOS app is In the App Store. The Android app is currently being worked on.